Strong support for minority ethnic speaker database

There is strong support for a speaker database for built environment professionals from a minority ethnic background, according to our recent survey.



Figure 1: Support for minority ethnic database

Since the summer, we have been researching the possibility of creating a database for built environment professionals from minority ethnic backgrounds. We undertook a survey and found that there is strong support for this new initiative. 
The survey of 130 people showed that 93% of respondents supported the setting up a database similar to the one we run for female experts in order to help raise the visibility of men and women from minority ethnic backgrounds (Figure 1). Of those respondents that were from a minority ethnic background, the database was supported by 89%. 

The survey also showed that the database could provide a way to bridge the gap between minority ethnic speakers that had already spoken at industry events and those that were keen to do so in the future. Around 49% of minority ethnic professionals had spoken at events in the past while 73% said they would like to speak at future events (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Minority ethnic professionals speaker experience

Figure 3: Key benefits for the database

Respondents to the survey saw helping raise the visibility of minority ethnic professionals within the industry as a main benefit of the database at 39%, while 32% thought the database would also help provide more role models (Figure 3).


We are planning to launch this new database in 2021 and would be pleased to hear any feedback you have about the initiative. If your company would be interested in sponsorship, please do get in touch with